Fitness Pro's Deluxe Forms Kit


Is Your Fitness Business Protected?

My name is Dave and I loved running my own fitness and personal training business, but when I started I was frustrated trying to make sure I had all of the legal and training forms I needed for myself and my clients.

I scoured the internet, compared dozens of documents from all kinds of different sources, spent lots of money on lawyers, and took way too much time to come up with the core forms that I needed for my fitness business.

I knew there had to be a better way, so I took all of that work and created The Fitness Pro’s Deluxe Forms Kit.

This is your simple, inexpensive resource for all of the customizable forms you need to get your fitness or personal training business up and running.


Are you a newly Certified Personal Trainer? Maybe you’ve made the decision to leave the gym and begin your own Personal Training Business? Whatever your situation, if you’re working with clients on a regular basis, you need a comprehensive set of forms to run your business properly.

CHECK OUT SOME SAMPLES BELOW. (click to enlarge)


The Forms Kit Includes…

redmarkerPar-Q – The industry standard. A critical step in identifying any big red flags that should be discussed before proceeding further with a client. You’ll use this form with every client.
Liability WaiverWaivers and Liability Release Forms – You need to adequately protect yourself. Beginning an exercise program carries risks, and your clients must be made aware of this and sign this form to verify that they are aware of the risks, assume them, and release you and your business from liability. Multiple versions for you to choose from.

Medical ClearanceMedical Clearance and Physician’s Consent – If a potential client presents any medical condition that could be adversely affected by a fitness program, you MUST have them get a medical clearance before working with them. Of course, getting a doctor to write a letter can be a hassle for the client. This form makes it easy for them AND for you.
Home Workout WaiverHome Workout Waiver – Are you an in-home trainer? If so, you need a form that specifically states that the client is responsible for anything happening to them as a result of the use of their premises, home, or equipment, in addition to all of the standard clauses in a personal training waiver form.

Medical HistoryHealth and Medical History – Understanding a person’s medical history, as well as family medical history, is critical when designing an exercise program. This form gives you the details you need, including background on illnesses, medications, surgeries, injuries, family history, and more.
Nutrition QuestionnaireNutrition, Exercise, and Goals Questionnaire (UPDATED!) – Discover your client’s nutrition habits along with their exercise history and current activity levels. The form also has the client rank their specific goals, and determines what sort of exercise frequency and duration will fit into their lifestyle so you can better design a program that works for your client.

Online WaiverWaiver, Release, and Assumption of Risk (NEW ONLINE TRAINING VERSION) – Do you offer any sort of online personal training service?  Think you might in the future?  Then, just like with your in-person clients, you need the proper paperwork to protect yourself and your business.  We’ve included a Waiver form tailored specifically to online training clients.
Physical AssessmentPhysical Assessment – Your choice of exercises to include in a fitness program is influenced by a client’s posture, imbalances, weaknesses, and baseline strength and endurance. This form will guide you through a thorough assessment to determine your client’s status in these areas, allowing you to design an appropriate training program for them.

Skinfold MeasurementsSkinfold Measurements – We all know that body composition is a much more important measurement than weight alone. If you are using calipers and skinfold measurements to determine body fat percentages, this worksheet is a handy way to track them.
Body Fat TableBody Fat Tables – Categorized by age and sex, these tables will give you a clear picture of how close a client is to the ideal for any age range.

Girth and CircumferenceGirth and Circumference – If you are taking girth and circumference measurements with clients, this worksheet will allow you to easily track progress over time.  A perfect way to keep clients motivated.
Training AgreementTraining Services Agreement (UPDATED!) – Set clear expectations right up front with clients so that each of you know what the other will be responsible for. Detail number and length of sessions purchased as well as payment arrangements with this crucial document. 

Progress NotesProgress Notes – You cannot measure success if you do not track progress. This sheet is a key component of every client’s file.
Client ChecklistClient Checklist – Never again forget an important form or item. Make sure you have delivered all of the proper documentation to each client, and track the return of critical items requiring client signature.

PlannerWeekly Planner – Need an easy to use planner so you can have your week at a glance? This is it. Also can be used to plan out client workouts and leave with the client.
Metal BriefcaseAnd More! – Injury Report, Client Self-Assessment, Goal Worksheet, Food Journal, Product Disclaimer, Lead Sheet, Target Heart Rate Ranges, Perceived Exertion Scale, Exercise Preparation Guidelines. 

Company PoliciesComprehensive Company Policies – Never again run into problems with clients when it comes to cancellations, payment, scheduling, and more!  These comprehensive policies set clear expectations in writing, so that you can begin a long and profitable relationship with your clients on the right foot.  Also includes your Privacy Policy!
Business PlanTwo Business Plan Templates – Writing a full, comprehensive, informative business plan can be a rewarding exercise.  If you are looking to borrow money to fund your business, it will also most likely be a required exercise.  If you have never written one before, be prepared as it can be a daunting task.  These two templates will help to simplify that task for you, guiding you step-by-step to your finished product.  Written by the Small Business Administration and the Service Corps of Retired Executives, these templates contain all of the sections required by most every lender out there.

Customizable formsFully Customizable – The forms are fully customizable. Insert your company name or logo, add or delete sections, combine two of the forms into one, split one form into two, print them on your own letterhead. Make these forms fit your business identity and make them yours!  The forms come in Microsoft Word’s .doc format, which means you can edit them in Word, Google Docs (free!), OpenOffice (free!), or Pages if you’re on a Mac.
Save Time!Save Time and Money! – Creating these forms from scratch could take you weeks.  You don’t have time for that.  Having a lawyer draft them for you could cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars!  With the Fitness Pro’s Deluxe Forms Kit you can download your forms in minutes and have them customized and ready to go in an hour or two, for only $79 $59!


Free Bonus
Workout Log and Cookbook

How would you like to be able to offer your clients your own branded workout log? How about your own healthy eating cookbook?

Well, now you can, and you don’t even have to create them because I’ve done it for you.

That’s right, in addition to the Forms Kit, I’m offering you Private Label Rights to two products that you can begin using immediately.

One is a Personal Fitness and Exercise Log that people can use to track their workouts, and the other is a Healthy Eating Cookbook that contains over 100 healthy recipes.

And, if you buy The Fitness Pro’s Deluxe Forms Kit now, I’m going to give you the rights to use these products at NO EXTRA CHARGE.

Now, you might not know what “Private Label Rights” means, so let me explain.

Private Label Rights, or PLR, means that I will provide you with the unprotected, fully-editable files (in Microsoft Word format) of both the Workout Journal and the Healthy Eating Cookbook.

You can edit them as you wish, name yourself as the author, come up with your own title, add your own material, take material out, or use them as is.

It is your choice. You can then use them however you see fit.

You could go to or and actually publish the Workout Journal as a physical book.  You could sell it to your clients, market it on your web site or blog, even get it listed for sale on Amazon.  You could do the same with the Healthy Eating Cookbook, or you could turn it into an ebook that you use as a bonus with another product, as an incentive to get visitors to sign up for your email list, or you could sell it online as an immediate download. (Clickbank is awesome for that btw.)

You could take the material and cut it up, creating a Recipe of the Week product that you could deliver via email autoresponder.  Or you could use it as content on your web site or blog, either as free material or as part of a paid membership section.  There are any number of possibilities.

The only limit is your imagination. (Well, that and the fact that you can’t go and sell the PLR rights to anyone else.)

And, for taking action quickly, I will also give you the two ecover graphics you see above to use as you wish.

Want to see some samples from the ebooks?  Here you go.

Cookbook (click to enlarge):


Workout Log (click to enlarge):


As you can see, the Cookbook is over 130 pages.  The Workout Log is just under 100 pages, but you can make it whatever length you want by adding or subtracting workout log sheets.  With Private Label Rights, you can edit either one to your hearts content. You’ll save dozens of hours of your valuable time, and you can get these books now, along with The Forms Kit, for ONLY $59! That’s less than the cost of one personal training session.

Here are the official Do’s and Don’ts as far as the PLR products are concerned that the lawyer says we have to tell you:

What You CAN Do With Our Private Label Rights Products

  • You CAN put your own name on the book.
  • You CAN change (edit/enhance/rewrite) the content as you wish.
  • You CAN use the content/recipes on your website or blog.
  • You CAN use the content/recipes in your membership site.
  • You CAN use it in a free eCourse
  • You CAN use it in a free Special Report.
  • You CAN use it in a free eBook.
  • You CAN use it in a paid product.
  • You CAN use the content, as-is or modified, to create your own physical book – print it yourself, get a publisher, or list it on

What You CAN’T Do With Our Private Label Rights Products

  • You CAN’T claim copyright unless you make significant modifications to the material, rewriting it in your own words, thus creating a derivative work.
  • You CAN’T sell Private Label Rights to anyone else.
  • You CAN’T sell Resale Rights to anyone else.
  • You CAN’T sell Master Resale Rights to anyone else.

Basically this means that you can use the content yourself, but you can’t sell it to others to use as their own.
Fitness Pro's Deluxe Forms Kit